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[Armv8] HCR_EL2 레지스터의 비트 맵 Arm: Security Extensions

setup_virt_paging_one() 함수 구현부 

static void setup_virt_paging_one(void *data)
    WRITE_SYSREG32(vtcr, VTCR_EL2);

     * ARM64_WORKAROUND_AT_SPECULATE: We want to keep the TLBs free from
     * entries related to EL1/EL0 translation regime until a guest vCPU
     * is running. For that, we need to set-up VTTBR to point to an empty
     * page-table and turn on stage-2 translation. The TLB entries
     * associated with EL1/EL0 translation regime will also be flushed in case
     * an AT instruction was speculated before hand.
    if ( cpus_have_cap(ARM64_WORKAROUND_AT_SPECULATE) )
        WRITE_SYSREG64(generate_vttbr(INVALID_VMID, empty_root_mfn), VTTBR_EL2);


HCR_EL2 레지스터에 HCR_VM를 설정 

HCR_VM의 정체는?

0000000000258518 <setup_virt_paging_one>:
  258518: f00001c0 adrp x0, 293000 <key_table+0x780>
  25851c: 912d0001 add x1, x0, #0xb40
  25853c: d51c2100 msr vttbr_el2, x0
  258540: d53c1100 mrs x0, hcr_el2
  258544: b2400000 orr x0, x0, #0x1
  258548: d51c1100 msr hcr_el2, x0

HCR_VM은 0x1임
/* HCR Hyp Configuration Register */
#define HCR_RW          (_AC(1,UL)<<31) /* Register Width, ARM64 only */
#define HCR_TGE         (_AC(1,UL)<<27) /* Trap General Exceptions */
#define HCR_TVM         (_AC(1,UL)<<26) /* Trap Virtual Memory Controls */
#define HCR_TTLB        (_AC(1,UL)<<25) /* Trap TLB Maintenance Operations */
#define HCR_TPU         (_AC(1,UL)<<24) /* Trap Cache Maintenance Operations to PoU */
#define HCR_TPC         (_AC(1,UL)<<23) /* Trap Cache Maintenance Operations to PoC */
#define HCR_TSW         (_AC(1,UL)<<22) /* Trap Set/Way Cache Maintenance Operations */
#define HCR_TAC         (_AC(1,UL)<<21) /* Trap ACTLR Accesses */
#define HCR_TIDCP       (_AC(1,UL)<<20) /* Trap lockdown */
#define HCR_TSC         (_AC(1,UL)<<19) /* Trap SMC instruction */
#define HCR_TID3        (_AC(1,UL)<<18) /* Trap ID Register Group 3 */
#define HCR_TID2        (_AC(1,UL)<<17) /* Trap ID Register Group 2 */
#define HCR_TID1        (_AC(1,UL)<<16) /* Trap ID Register Group 1 */
#define HCR_TID0        (_AC(1,UL)<<15) /* Trap ID Register Group 0 */
#define HCR_TWE         (_AC(1,UL)<<14) /* Trap WFE instruction */
#define HCR_TWI         (_AC(1,UL)<<13) /* Trap WFI instruction */
#define HCR_DC          (_AC(1,UL)<<12) /* Default cacheable */
#define HCR_BSU_MASK    (_AC(3,UL)<<10) /* Barrier Shareability Upgrade */
#define HCR_BSU_NONE     (_AC(0,UL)<<10)
#define HCR_BSU_INNER    (_AC(1,UL)<<10)
#define HCR_BSU_OUTER    (_AC(2,UL)<<10)
#define HCR_BSU_FULL     (_AC(3,UL)<<10)
#define HCR_FB          (_AC(1,UL)<<9) /* Force Broadcast of Cache/BP/TLB operations */
#define HCR_VA          (_AC(1,UL)<<8) /* Virtual Asynchronous Abort */
#define HCR_VI          (_AC(1,UL)<<7) /* Virtual IRQ */
#define HCR_VF          (_AC(1,UL)<<6) /* Virtual FIQ */
#define HCR_AMO         (_AC(1,UL)<<5) /* Override CPSR.A */
#define HCR_IMO         (_AC(1,UL)<<4) /* Override CPSR.I */
#define HCR_FMO         (_AC(1,UL)<<3) /* Override CPSR.F */
#define HCR_PTW         (_AC(1,UL)<<2) /* Protected Walk */
#define HCR_SWIO        (_AC(1,UL)<<1) /* Set/Way Invalidation Override */
#define HCR_VM          (_AC(1,UL)<<0) /* Virtual MMU Enable */

EL1에서 실행되는 게스트 OS에서 설정된 인터럽트가 발생하면 일반적으로 EL1에서 받아 처리합니다.
만약 HCR_EL2 레지스터의 VI와 IMO 비트가 1로 설정된 경우에만, EL2가 EL1에서 설정된 인터럽트를 받게 됩니다.


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